Breykon is one of very few artists bringing funk to the Latin market. He started with his single “Tan Tan Brasil,” and most recently, he is adding trap to the mix with his latest release, “Más Diablo Soy Yo,” out on Latinnites Music.

Breykon wrote “Más Diablo Soy Yo” with Engel Montaz, who he describes “like a brother to me.” “We listened to the track and started writing the song,” Breykon shared. “We wrote it a year ago, and just released it recently.”

By the end of this year, Breykon plans to visit some of Venezuela’s main cities to promote the remix of “Tan Tan Brasil,” which will feature Químico Ultramega and a couple of surprise artists. The original video already has over 1 million views on Youtube.

“‘Tan Tan Brasil’ was the track that broke me as an artist,” Breykon said. “Before I worked in a hairdressing salon until I met my manager Kevin Portalatin, who is the owner of Latinnites music, the record company that signed me.”

Breykon is set to tour the United States in the coming months, with stops in New York and Atlanta.

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